Little Champions

What does it take to be a champion? Can a martial art support a parent’s instruction?

  • Category: GB Kids
  • Duration: 01:00 Hours
  • Address: Tropicana Avenue, Jalan Tropicana Utara, Tropicana, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia (Map)
  • More Info: P02.06, Level 2

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To excel in any endeavor, individuals need to have a strong set of values and a solid character that gives them perseverance to achieve his or her goals. The Gracie Barra Little Champions Program was created to provide children ages 4-6 with an environment that allows them to experience and understand core values like focus, discipline, persistence, cooperation and respect.

As a contact sport, Gracie Barra Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu provides a very challenging yet safe and caring environment for a child to mature towards a real life champion.The outcome of continued childhood practice of GB BJJ goes far beyond the accomplishments on the mats. The discipline and excellence demanded by our instructors often carries over to the child’s behavior at home and at school.

Through leverage-based techniques and verbal assertiveness, we teach children to neutralise the situation without reacting with a violent response. In the GB Kids Anti-Bullying program, we teach the children how to fight fire with water so that you never have to worry about your child becoming a bully under our guidance. We do not teach children how to punch or kick, as GB believe this often does more harm than good in the situation. All the techniques are purely defensive and utilize no strikes. Furthermore, GB teaches children how to defuse confrontations with words and never to initiate physical aggression. 

Tiny Champions (4-6 years old)

Benefit of Joining our Little Champions Program
  • Improve children’s social skills
  • Enhance self-confidence
  • Better understanding of goal-setting and working towards them
  • Learn the GB Self-Defense System
  • Increase focus, energy and concentration
  • Enjoy significant gains in overall fitness level