We know how to prepare your child to defend themselves against bullies without turning them into one!

  • Category: GB Kids
  • Duration: 01:00 Hours
  • Address: Tropicana Avenue, Jalan Tropicana Utara, Tropicana, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia (Map)
  • More Info: P02.06 Level 2

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The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Junior program at Gracie Barra Malaysia is the perfect way to challenge your child physically while still having fun in a social atmosphere. In addition to the obvious fitness benefits of jiu-jitsu, your child will also learn discipline, respect, co-operation, and self-awareness.

Today’s children are faced with many challenges in life from bullying to an unhealthy lifestyle. Jiu-Jitsu classes can be a way for parents to expose their children to an invaluable education (both physical and mental) that sets the basis for their personal growth.

The brotherhood found in our Jiu-Jitsu classes provide kids and teens with a sense of community. The Gracie Barra philosophy helps children build trust and leadership skills.

Our qualified instructors keep the kids engaged physically and mentally. In addition to having fun and meeting new friends, the physical aspects of Gracie Barra BJJ nicely complement kids involved in other sports and activities. The mental aspects of jiu-jitsu complement their school work. 

Juniors (Ages 7-12)

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu provides many benefits for your child including:

  • improved fitness and health;
  • more intense commitment and self-discipline;
  • greater strength, endurance, co-ordination, and flexibility;
  • improved focus and concentration; and
  • new sense of achievement and self-esteem